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Merv 8 NOVA Pleat Filter

Fights lint, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and dust.
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Product Description

Aerostar NOVApleat | MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter

The Aerostar Series 400 NOVApleat is the next generation of pleated air filters. It is constructed with a 100% synthetic material that is twice the weight of conventional filters. The NOVApleat achieves exceptionally high levels of efficiency with the lowest resistance to airflow.


Durable Design

The series 400 is engineered with only premium material and the construction process ensuring consistent quality and performance. It’s design eliminating the need for sharp metal support grids found on other filters.

The NOVApleat offers considerably more surface area, providing higher levels of efficiency and service life. Higher levels of filtration make the NOVApleat extremely effective at removing many airborne irritants such as pollens, molds, dander and dust for all residential, commercial and industrial applications


Features & Benefits

Precision machine fabrication for consistent quality

100% metal free design

Made from premium materials

Heavy-duty, moisture resistant frame

Square top pleat design provides added rigidity and improved airflow

More surface area to capture airborne allergens

Higher levels of efficiency and service life

Made in the USA



Made in the USA

Change Frequency:

30 Days



Chemically Treated:






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